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Fantasy Watch : Top 10 Babes We’d Like to See in the Wonder Woman Costume

Tuesday 10 May 2005, by Webmaster

What current actress could come close to filling Lynda Carter’s bodice? May 09, 2005 - If you lived in the Seventies or Eighties, it’s pretty likely that you took a gander at the scrumptious Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Quite a beauty, Carter provided plenty of reason to tune into prime time back in the day.

Now, with Joss Whedon’s new Wonder Woman movie headed to theaters, it’s time to start revving up the fantasy engines and discussing who you’d like to see filling the Amazon’s boots. Take a look at Lynda below, then check out our picks for "Babes We’d Most Like to See Don the Wonder Woman Costume." America’s Hot Pants

10. Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline is perhaps a little to slight to play WW, but we’d like to see her try nevertheless. On Lost, it’s easy to get sick of looking at that one shirt she always wears, but it’s a virtual guarantee that wouldn’t be the case if she was wearing a superhero suit.

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Although being married to Michael Douglas has sullied the fantasy somewhat, that doesn’t change the fact that Zeta-Jones would make one helluva Wonder Woman.

8. Jennifer Connelly

Anyone who has seen The Hot Spot, Inventing the Abbotts or Mulholland Falls knows that Connelly has certain super powers. Coincidentally, they are the same kind of super powers that one needs to fill out a spandex suit.

7. Lindsay Lohan

We don’t know if driving Herbie around has anything to do with anything, but from careful perusal of the Internet, we have determined one thing: Lindsay Lohan is a stone fox. And although she doesn’t have flowing ebony locks, there’s this thing called hair dye which actresses have begun to experiment with.

6. Jennifer Garner

She’s been kicking ass for so long onscreen on Alias and in Daredevil (we’ll leave Elektra out of this) that it’s almost a no-brainer. She’s definitely the most Amazonian of anyone else on the list... take that as you will.

5. Rachel Weisz

This isn’t necessarily a discussion about who would make the best Wonder Woman, but who would look best in the costume, and in that category, Constantine hottie Rachel Weisz deserves a serious look. So, tune your mental TV’s to her in Stealing Beauty, extrapolate an outfit on her, and go from there.

4. Rose McGowan

There is something a little goth to Wonder Woman’s look. Beyond the star-splangled hot pants and eagle bodice, she is simply a milky-white chick with bright lipstick and dark-as-night hair. Who better to fulfill these criteria than the former Ms. Manson? McGowan is definitely able to fill out a 50’s-style outfit, as she has curves in all the appropriate places. (Current Manson squeeze Dita von Teese also has the bod for the job, but she drifts way too far into the goth realm for this debate).

3. Rachel Bilson

Keeping The O.C. smoking hot, Rachel Bilson has already done us the extreme honor of putting on the Wonder Woman suit (complete with lasso) on Season One of The O.C. We were tempted to just put her immediately at #1 due to the fact that she looked so very adorable in the outfit... but there are a couple more ladies who deserve to go first.

2. Jessica Simpson

Casting aside the intellect needed to effectively portray WW, this is all about fantasy time. Go watch the Dukes trailer and try to tell us with a straight face that you don’t want to see Jessica all brunetted-up and packed into Diana’s gear.

1. Angelina Jolie

Let’s say you’re stuck in a little cabin in the wilderness in the middle of winter. You do not have a parka, and there is a single fireplace, but no wood; not a stick of kindling. One thing that might keep you warm is the thought of Angelina Jolie dressed in the Wonder Woman get-up. Ms. Jolie has everything Wonder Woman has, and then some. We’d let her magic lasso us anyday!

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