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Fate of shows prompts e-mails

Sunday 6 April 2003, by Webmaster

To paraphrase something from the Perry Como show : We get e-mails, stacks and stacks of e-mails.

There has been a surge in the last few weeks, much of it related to the war and much of that related to Fox News. But there also has been a lot of e-mail about regular programming, especially the fate of certain shows as the TV season winds down to its end in May.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions in recent days :

• What’s the status of ``Angel’’ ? They keep moving around its day and time.

While the WB has announced the new season for a batch of its shows, ``Angel’’ (now 9 p.m. Wednesday, Ch. 20) wasn’t in the group. While that’s not a good sign, the holdup involves contract negotiations with key cast members, according to a WB insider. Plus there may be some issues involving whether characters like Willow and Spike move from ``Buffy’’ to ``Angel’’ when the Slayer’s run comes to an end. And I would suspect that, should the WB drop ``Angel,’’ UPN would be around to pick it up — just as it did with ``Buffy.’’