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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Feminism Within the Buffyverse Fandom

Thursday 8 September 2011, by Webmaster

Hello all, and welcome to my survey of feminism in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel fandom. The purpose of this survey is to give me information on the feminist opinions and activity within the Buffyverse fandom itself. You don’t have to identify as a feminist to participate; in fact, I really want people of all opinions to give me their views on feminism within the shows. I want fans of all stripes to participate in this survey, no matter what ’ship you support, what character is your favorite, or where you spend your fannish time, whether it be the boards, livejournal, Whedonesque, or some social media outlet such as Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.

These questions are set up with radial buttons, ticky boxes, and short answer text boxes, but my real interest lies within the comments text box at the end of each question. This is where you can state your full opinion on the question, and some of the questions themselves are formulated to take advantage of the comments text box to illustrate the answers you give with the buttons or ticky boxes.

Some definitions for you, if you need them: feminism is both a theory and a movement whose aim is political, social and economic equality of the sexes. To say that a television show is feminist, it must strive towards these goals with characterization and subject matter presenting men and women as equally capable and worthy of regard Feminists are "person[s] whose beliefs and behavior[s] are based on feminism." Some people (and television shows) take it as a given that the problems that real world feminism tried to address are solved and taken care of. This assumption is sometimes called "post-feminist."

If you’re curious as to how others in the fandom answer these questions, or if you have a questions about or don’t understand what a question means, feel free to go to my research LJ and participate in a discussion on feminism within the fandom. Questions will go under the top post, and I’ll be monitoring them all day to answer as best I can. You can post anonymously, through your livejournal, Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts, or using OpenID. The idea there is to get a discussion going, get people agreeing and disagreeing (politely) and get opinions in action during a real-time debate.