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Find Serenity in a Firefly Raffle !

Friday 27 May 2005, by Webmaster

We want to help those who haven’t yet found Serenity. While the movie doesn’t come out until September 30th, there are some things that folks might want to preview beforehand. Therefore, we’re raffling off the chance to win a copy of Firefly the complete series on DVD and a copy of the book Finding Serenity.

Granted, its not necessary to watch the series before seeing the movie, but why not when you can get it for the less than the price of a theatre ticket? Already own Firefly? Enter the raffle anyway! You can give the DVDs to a family member, friend or donate them to your local library.

Speaking of donating to libraries - that’s one of the things the Whedonverse Multimedia Project likes to do - we donate Buffy, Angel and Firefly DVDs to public libraries. So, when you enter the raffle, your donation will go toward bringing the ’verse to libraries that have requested it for their collections. That’s a win for all Joss Whedon fans.

How to Enter

From now until June 15th every $5 you donate will automatically enter you into the raffle drawing. Each donation will be assigned a number based on the order in which it was received and the winning number will be chosen at random. If you donate $15, for example, that’s 3 raffle tickets numbered sequentially. Your raffle ticket number(s) are usually emailed out to you within a day or so of receiving your donation. We prefer to receive payments via Paypal, which processes most major credit card payments and an account with them is not required to use their service to donate. Contact us if you have any questions.

The Prize

The winner will receive Firefly the complete series on DVD which contains all 14 episodes plus special features such as episode commentaries and deleted scenes. In addition, we’re offering the book Finding Serenity which is a collection of essays about the Firefly series edited by Jane Espenson and Glenn Yeffeth.

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