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Firefly - ’Akin’ talks to the owner of the ’Ariel’ ambulance

Saturday 6 August 2005, by Webmaster

Well, guess it’s time for an update about the Firefly Ambulance...

Went up there again yesterday... was on the way to Bakersfield to check at the Kern County Assessor’s Office to try to find out who owns the property, since nothing we had done had worked yet. Adam Whiting has been doing unbelievable internet sleuthing!

The good news is that while I was up there, securing a sign to the gate asking for the owner to please call me... the owner pulled up! Turns out that Adam had it right all along... it was the same outfit that he had located, it’s just that there website is all messed up and none of the links or contact info was working. It is not Scroggins Avaition!

The bad news... he isn’t too excited about selling. He is going to talk with his dad (who still technically owns it all, although he’s getting on in years) about whether or not they would sell it. He would happily trade it for some kind of surplus aviation stuff or something, but I doubt that the fan community has a whole lot available.

He plans on creating an museum of sorts with some of his many aircraft (he has two more lots with a lot more that I was unaware of), and he wants to include the ambulance in it. I’m not sure why he wants to keep it, since it’s not a real aircraft and he knows it, but at least if he makes his museum people would be able to visit it. He will not let people in to see it now (hope he never finds my LJ! heh...)

Also, my original pictures had that yellow dot of dust in them... I saw on one board where someone was calling me an idiot and that I need a new camera. Umm, if you had read my entry, you would have known that it was simply a speck of dust... thanks for the feedback... dumbass! Anyway, a fan went and cleaned up the pictures... I was going to go back to my big entry and put the new pics up, but I have been overcome with laziness (due mainly to GTA San Andreas for my PC! heh... and it turns out that I may have gotten the last copy sold in the Antelope Valley that will still work with this "Hot Coffee" mod, which I was completely unaware of until the salesman mentioned it to me as he rang it up).

So, if anyone wants to see them, the cleaned up pictures are located here... thanks to fan James Freeman for cleaning those up...

He also made a special one, putting me in the shot from the series!