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Firefly Assistance : Wolfram & Hart Annual Revue

Wednesday 26 November 2003, by Webmaster

Looking to meet up with some other Firefly fans? No doubt you’ll find some at the Wolfram & Hart Annual Revue.

While this event is named and themed after the evil law firm in Mutant Enemy’s production "Angel," lots of Firefly fans will be there - and the best part is, it’s a charity event where you can help out some kids who are very important to Firefly’s "Book," Ron Glass.

The party will be held February 21, 2004 in Los Angeles, California at the Century Plaza Hotel and will feature dancing, a live performance by the band Darling Violetta, and a charity auction to benefit the Al Wooten, Jr. Heritage Center. Ron Glass is a member of the Wooten Center’s Board of Directors.

You can find information about pricing, accommodations, and even a discount on airfare at http://www.emahollywood.com/angelparty.html

Register today and in just a few (ok, quite a few) weeks you’ll be hob-nobbing with Fireflyphiles like yourself!