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Firefly : Big Damned Flanvention II cancelled - Mark A. Sheppard shows up at Burbank Hilton Hotel

Friday 8 December 2006, by Webmaster

Standing outside the hotel smoking a cigarette, a man passes me. He says hi to Julesong on his way into the hotel, saying he’s going to go get some coffee. "That’s Mark," says Jules. It doesn’t register with me. "Mark Sheppard". D’oh.

Inside, he tells people take as many pictures as they want. "It’s so nice of you to come," someone says to him.

"Why wouldn’t I come?" he replies.

2 Forum messages

  • It appears this was posted by the Boosters Events folks. Wes? If so they really have some nerve! I can’t begin to express my anger at BE, and am at a loss for words for the California Browncoats. You Big Damn Heros are incredible!
  • I’m one of the many people who turned up at Burbank Hilton expecting the convention to go ahead only to discover that it was cancelled. My heartfelt thanks to Mark Sheppard, Jonathon Woodward, Nathon Fillion, Alan Tudyk and the other actors and all of the California Browncoats who decided to make this an event to remember for all us. This has been a very special weekend - thank you to all of you.

    In another vein, my extreme disappointment to Booster Entertainment. You should have been honest with us all last week. Carol