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Firefly : Big Damned Flanvention II cancelled - Adam Baldwin shows up at the Burbank Hilton Hotel

Friday 8 December 2006, by Webmaster

Booster Entertainment apologizes for the great inconvenience, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Flanvention is cancelled. An official notice will be posted within 10 days.

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Adam Baldwin (the man they call Jayne) shows up at the Burbank Hilton of his own volition after learning that Booster Events had cancelled Flanvention. He hung out in the bar for several hours.

The story behind this photo: After making a run online to update people on what was happening here, I went to the bathroom. Moments after I began to urinate, I heard this enormous roar erupt from the lobby. My first thought: Someone just arrived.

I hurried back to the lobby to see who it was and walked into a rousing chorus of The Man They Call Jayne. That answered that question.

I ran to the table where my stuff was to grab my camera, only to discover I had my short lens on. I rushed to switch to the other, and got off four shots, including the one above, the only useful one.