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Firefly : Blue Sun Shirts announces corporate smackdown due to Fox

Friday 15 September 2006, by Webmaster

Dear fellow Browncoats-

It has been my pleasure to make and distribute the Jayne repro shirts to many of you literally the world over. Through great organizations such as the So Cal, San Fran, and South East Browcoats, our shirts have been used to raise money for charity at Comic Con and Wonder Con for the past two years . Today, I recieved a letter from Fox Corporate "asking" us to stop producing anything related in any way to the Firefly Series. We do not compete with them for any business, since the only thing Firefly related they sell as far as I can tell the DVD set. It is my hope to contact Fox to try to work out some sort of licencing agreement with them, but since they apparantly care nothing for the series or the fans that they abandoned, I am sceptical that they will allow us to continue in any fashion- if anyone knows of any other contacts that I can use to help negotiate with them, it would be appreciated, otherwise, I will go back to other business- They have given me 2 weeks to cease production, so if anyone is needing anything, please let me know as soon as possible...........


Alex bluesunshirts.com

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