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Firefly Comics #2 - Good Quality Promotional Artworks

Friday 13 May 2005, by Webmaster


Written by Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews, art by Will Conrad, colored by Laura Martin.

Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews continue the journey of the brigands and outlaws that call the ship Serenity "home" in this second issue of the prequel to Whedon’s Serenity— the highly-anticipated feature film follow-up to his cult-hit TV show Firefly.

On the run and out of cash, the ragtag crew of Serenity take on a scavenger mission with the hopes of earning enough dough to disappear for a while. Little do they know an old enemy is scheming to remake their acquaintance with the help of some covert-operatives known only as the Blue Gloves.

This issue also features three covers starring a different Serenity crew member, each drawn by one of the hottest names in comics. This month—Tim Bradstreet, Jo Chen, and Joe Quesada.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Aug. 3.

Firefly Comics #2 - Good Quality Promotional Artworks - Gallery

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