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Firefly - Download All The Episodes

Thursday 25 November 2004, by Webmaster

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  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    25 November 2004 23:00, by Anonymous
    i agree i would rather support the cast by buying the dvd with the extras!
  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    26 November 2004 01:00, by Anonymous
    And if you’re thinking about downloading the show, please don’t download this. The quality of the picture is just too crappy. It doesn’t do the show justice.
  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    26 November 2004 01:10, by WillowRules!!

    Thanks for that! I haven’t download them but I will!!

    I was curious about that show..Haven’t really understood about it.I mean I hear about Firefly,then Serenity then something is cancelled,another gets in DVDs,then I hear about movies..God,confusing much?? LOL!

    Anyway I live in a country where we don’t have these series as so many others (ie Buffy,Angel,Tru Calling... *sigh* anyway..)so internet & this site is REALLY my savior!!LOL!I’ve seen s5 of Angel thanx to that!So honestly:Thanks! :)

  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    26 November 2004 18:33, by Anonymous
    Don’t download the episodes! Buy the DVD, support Joss and co. It’s not that expensive anyway and you definitely get your money’s worth.
    • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes 18 January 2009 13:00
      And What if i can’t find the episodes?
    • dude...i live in the third country, do not have bank account and access internet through free network. i download it because i’m not afford it right now, but i love the show, have been heard it like for 3 years. probably when i get a job as labor (sweatshop worker) in factory, i’ll saving and eat once a day to bought the DVD, even thought i do not no how to do the payment, because you know, i’m not bankable.

      oh yeah perhaps this show mean a lot to me, because i am "serenity".

      for you who has money. buy it..ok

  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    29 November 2004 16:51, by Anonymous
    I have downloaded three of these episodes and they have convinced me to buy the DVD. I’ve been very sceptical about this series and, although I haven’t been particularly blow away by it, I’m sufficiently impressed to part with the cash. Thanks for putting these up, guys. At the same time, it really should be looked at as nothing more than a try-before-you-buy thing.
  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    8 December 2004 22:37, by Calisto
    it’s a great show!!! to bad i can’t buy it here... Maybe if it’s aired here in Belgium we can...
  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    18 December 2004 23:39, by Anonymous
    i don’t have the dvds too because i live in brazil and here thereis no way to get the show on dvd, so the only way to watch it is by downloading it.
  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    10 April 2005 02:34, by Anonymous
    yeah too bad, I want the dvd two but in Holland you can’t buy them
  • > Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    22 October 2005 05:50, by lokki
    Great to be able to get the series from download, as many like me are desperate to see again, the wonders of Firefly. But PLZ PLZ PLZ buy the box set too! Mine is on order from santa, if we all show the execs at both Fox and Universal that Firefly is worth the risk then maybe we shall be rewarded with more FIREFLY........
  • Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    19 September 2006 23:33, by Anonymous
    Thanks a lot ...
  • Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    31 December 2007 10:21, by Anonymous
    Thanks! It’s super movie!!!
  • Firefly - Download All The Episodes

    6 April 2014 11:37, by Goldeneye
    yeah. my sentiment exactley. I’m gonna watch it now, but if and when I save money, I’m gonna buy Firefly. And TSCC. And Arrow. And basically all the TV series and movies starring Summer Glau :-) why? because she’s CUTE!!!!