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Firefly Fans vs Universal

Tuesday 31 October 2006, by Webmaster

p2pnet.net News:- Speaking of viral marketing, "What happens when a film studio and a fanbase get into bed?" - asked Gossi on slashdot.

"Fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly, and the movie by Universal Studios - Serenity - are not amused.

"After being encouraged to viral market Serenity, the studio has started legal action against fans (demanding $9000 in retroactive licensing fees in one case and demanding fan promotion stop), and going after Cafepress."

The fans’ response? Retroactively invoice Universal for $1,822,275 for services rendered.

On Firefly, "Okay, I understand licensing issues and stuff," Kay Jay posts, going on:

I think it’s odd that suddenly there’s seemingly an army of lawyers seeking out every fan everywhere, but that’s something else again. I *do* understand protecting property and stuff, especially where there’s money to be made. (Though I am sorry---there’s some great fan made stuff out there, which mostly exists since official stuff doesn’t, in large measure.)

What I don’t understand is the demand to stop advertising and promoting. What’s weird about this to me is that back when Universal was running the official Serenity board, they actively encouraged guerilla advertisments and promotions. I mean, they offered pretty darn good incentives to do this very thing. What also doesn’t make sense is why they *wouldn’t* want us to advertise and promote. Fans don’t necessarily make money from promoting a property.

I mean, if I post a banner on my website that says, "Buy Serenity" or something, and then someone goes and actually buys Serenity, who has made money? Not me! But I *have* given free advertising to Universal. Which they totally wanted before. Now, not so much. That’s weird to me.

Stay tuned.

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  • Firefly Fans vs Universal

    3 November 2006 19:14, by Anonymous
    As in times past and on a utterly stupid mode - all the good that Fandom does to promote a product is not given its real value. Where would all the action toys, t-shirts, books, DVD sales, etc. etc. etc. be without Fandom and the horde of Fans. Where do the coporate PTB think their customers come from? I personally will not buy anything from this day on that if label and sold by The Corporate Universal Studios. They can kiss this Fandom Buyer Goodbye for any Serenity Money.