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Firefly MMO : delayed or dead ?

Monday 27 April 2009, by Webmaster

“In related news, Fox’s plans for the development of the previously announced Firefly MMOG have been delayed, but Fox looks forward to continuing its collaboration with Multiverse on this endeavor.”

That’s the word, and it’s at the bottom of a 2008 press release about a Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMO. What does it mean? Vaporware. Everyone knows that “delayed” is the business term for “never in a billion-trillion years will this game be released,” especially when placed at the bottom of a press release for a game that will also likely never exist.

Ok, maybe it’s not that dire, but the game was announced in late 2006, and there has been no official reference to it since. There is, however, a very sad fan site dedicated to the game that will probably never be.