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From Abbyshot.com


Firefly - Mal’s Browncoat Replica Available

Sunday 17 July 2005, by Webmaster

Click on the link : http://www.abbyshot.com/products/ps-firefly-browncoat.php

We are so proud we’re like new parents! The Firefly Browncoat is now available and is a breathtaking garment! Its lines are so simple that one would think that there’s little to be excited about, however when you touch the suede and try it on you instantly realize that there’s something special about this garment! This is a coat that will very quickly become your favourite, regardless of if you are a Firefly fan or not. If you are a Firefly fan, then the AbbyShot Firefly Browncoat is like a dream come true! From the deep rust suede on down to the distressed cuff leather, this Western frock style coat is a sight to behold and a real head-turner! Very Shiny!

We’ve released this design in a range of 11 sizes from 32 up to 52. Every garment has all the details that have made AbbyShot a world leader in screen-accurate clothing. We’ve acquired a suede that has the best combination of colour and texture to match the TV series. The sleeve cuffs are made in a distressed leather to give it that "field-tested" look. The buckles are our special achievement. We spent months searching for a wholesale supplier of a buckle for this garment, refusing to settle for a generic buckle.

Finally, we stumbled upon a jeweller who specializes in custom jewellery. We spoke with him of our troubles and our objective. He became excited about the project and felt that he could deliver a buckle design that would combine the look of the show with real world practicality and functionality. The results are these fantastic original pieces. Each one is made of brass and has a unique "antiqued" finish. These buckles work wonderfully with our Firefly Browncoat, setting off the look with a level of realism that is beyond our wildest expectations! We’re convinced that Firefly fans will fall in love with this garment the moment they see it!