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Firefly Operation Full Burn : Lift Off!, Part 2 of Operation Full Burn takes off!

Friday 4 April 2008, by Webmaster

Ni hao again fellow Browncoats! Operation Full Burn is still underway and as "Lift Off" to the series draws near I want to continue to show Universal that the ’Verse is worth investing in. To do this I’d like Browncoats to show their support for the ’Verse by showing up to these forums on April 5th just before 8 PM Eastern Standard Time as Serenity break atmo in High Def for the first time this season. It’s just one big forums shindig really!

That’s it! That’s all a Browncoat has to do to show their shiny love for the ’Verse. Just show up to the forums here as Serenity heads out into the High-Definition black for 14 weeks. It’s a piece of pressed protein cake with chocolaty frosting!

As always folks are welcome to say somethin’ if they got words but the point is to get as many Browncoats on the site as we can at one specific time "Lift Off" time in this case, and show Universal just how much folks love Joss’s work, love the ’Verse, and want more of it.

As of right now the most folks who have ever been on the Universal site at one time has been 90 folks. Sure it’s a nice round number but it’s a small one and I want to blow it up with Browncoats so that Universal will see that we are still here and holdin’ for them to make Serenity 2.

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