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Firefly - "Serenity" DVD - Likely details of the Australian & Benelux Serenity discs

Friday 25 November 2005, by Webmaster

Dear Browncoats,

We have noticed from recent forum discussions that dvdbits.com have listed the bonus features that will be available on the Australian Serenity DVD so we thought it was high time we confirmed the likely disc configuration in terms of content. Here it is then:

- The film itself (obviously! There may be some problems if we left this off!!) Very Happy
- Deleted Scenes
- Outtakes
- Future History: That Story of Earth That Was
- What’s In A Firefly
- Re-lighting The Firefly
- Joss Whedon Introduction
- Feature Commentary
- Easter Egg - We’ll Have A Fruity Oaty Good Time
- A Filmmakers Journey: Journey with Joss from Script to Screen (this will be on all international DVDs but not the US version)

DISC 2 (at present, this disc is exclusive to Australia and Benelux - Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg - only but other international territories may decide to release the 2nd disc as well)
- Joss Whedon Q&A Session filmed at FOX Studios in Sydney
- Extended Scenes
- Take a Walk on Serenity: Cast & Crew take us on a special tour of the Serenity ship
- The Green Clan: Feature on Cinematographer Jack Green and his team

As mentioned above, this is the likely configuration but please note that this may be subject to changes.

We have also noticed that some proposed sleeve artwork has been posted on the site as well. Please note that this artwork is yet to be approved so may not be final. We are also looking into a couple of packaging options that may be exclusive to a couple of our retail partners and we will update you on this as soon as we can.

All in all, we are really happy with the way the DVD is coming together and we can’t wait for Feb 8!

Stay tuned for more updates!