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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie - Entertainment Weekly Article Excerpts

By Acp

Saturday 10 September 2005, by Webmaster

Just flipped open this week’s EW and it opened to a 1-page article about the marketing tactics behind Serenity. It’s an interesting piece - lots of adulation for the power of fans and some encouraging words from Hollywood folks. The Universal marketing president talks about the marketing tactics and says the efforts with Serenity have "put the film on people’s radar." Here’s an excerpt from the end: "Better yet, many in Hollywood believe Universal has put Serenity in position to be a hit. ’I think they have a shot,’ says Bob Berney, Picturehouse president and former head of Newmarket Films, which released the 2004 grassroots sensation The Passions of the Christ. While he believes that word of mouth works best for ’populist’ films, Berney thinks such a strategy can benefit genre pictures like Serenity too. In either case, he says, ’the movie itself better really deliver.’ Whedon’s good friend Tim Minear, an exec producer of Firefly, couldn’t agree more; ’I just hope he didn’t f--- it up,’ he deadpans. ’I want to direct the next movie."