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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie - Homemediaretailing.com Review

Jessica Wolf

Wednesday 8 March 2006, by Webmaster


As a fan of the TV show “Firefly,” I was thrilled at the big-screen version, Serenity. Thankfully, it doesn’t recap every event from the short-run series. The exposition is deft, bringing newbies into the ‘Verse in a way that makes it a wholly new experience for longtime “browncoats.”

Serenity unlocks the mystery of one of the show’s antagonists - the violent, seemingly evil Reavers - and focuses on two of the beloved Firefly’s crew/dysfunctional family: captain Mal and the ship’s youngest and most capable, yet most vulnerable passenger, River.

It was both thrilling and comforting to be back in the homey, bedraggled bosom of the spaceship, watching and rooting for the fringe people she protects as they fly at the edge of the civilized universe, a society they don’t belong to, believe in or fight for.

But they fight for one another. There is faith here, and loyalty - and love. It’s hard to imagine someone not responding to these things in Serenity. I made my family, none of whom had ever seen an episode of “Firefly,” watch it over the holidays and, to a person, they fell in love with it. Most have gone back to watch the show on DVD.

Anyone who was even remotely touched by Star Wars will find something to love in Serenity as well.

Serenity streeted Dec. 20, 2005, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.