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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie - Deauville Film Festival Premiere - Fan Report

By Pir2

Sunday 4 September 2005, by Webmaster

(NO SPOILER INCLUDED) Back from Deauville’s Serenity Screening. view profile pir2 says:

Well... All I can say is wow! I won’t spoil anything, but wow! Wow!

Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau were there, to introduce the movie, and at a press conference after the screening. We also had an apparently new message from JW himself on the big screen (a kind of follow-up to the previous one, thanking *us*, Browncoats, again for their support, etc..). Nathan and Summer were lovely, Nathan said he was happy that the French Browncoats sang the theme song when they arrived (only about 20 people in a 1500 seats auditorium, but half full), and that some one among us had a Jayne Hat. After that the press conference was really nice, and Nathan and Summer do not know this but they had such a bad translator, I mean really.... The guy said Josh Whedon... (we corrected him.... three times!!!). Anyways, Nathan and Summer are as accessible as you can imagine, and us, French Browncoats, were given some Alliance dollar bills for the singing (cause, as Nathan said, in *his* country, you do not sing for free). I can’t begin to tell you haw great that day was!!!