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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie German Opening Confirmed !

Monday 24 October 2005, by Webmaster

Post subject: Serenity WILL open in Germany

This is my first posting here, so I hope I won’t do anything hideously wrong. But I watched the rumors that SERENITY may not be opening in Germany take on a life of their own on various boards over the weekend, and if there was one film I was looking forward to reviewing this year, it’s been this.

So I just called the UIP press department in Frankfurt and got a _very_ surprised reaction when I said that there are rumors on the internet that SERENITY won’t be opening here. The film has been dubbed already, there is a small number of prints that are being used for preview screenings, FIREFLY will (finally!) be released here on DVD on November 3rd and UIP and FOX are even cooperating here to do a series of double-feature screenings with SERENITY (the pilot) and SERENITY (the movie), tickets to which sell nicely.

In short, the word from Frankfurt is: _Of course_ SERENITY will open in Germany on November 24.