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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie - Good Quality DVD Cover

Thursday 15 December 2005, by Webmaster

Dear Browncoats,

We are happy to present the final artwork for the Australian Serenity DVD:

With regard to the rating, we have some good news and bad news. The BAD NEWS is that the rating will not be a sticker and will therefore be permanent. The GOOD NEWS is the we have decided to print the sleeve double-sided. The inside of the sleeve will be exactly the same as the outside but with the rating removed from the front, spine and back. This means that when you get it home, all you have to do is pull the sleeve out, turn it over, pop it back in to the amaray and voila, you have one Serenity DVD sleeve with no visible rating! We hope this solution works for you guys.

As previously mentioned, there will also be a couple of exclusive packaging options/gifts with purchase. We can confirm that:

1. If you buy Serenity on DVD at JB H-Fi, you will receive (over the counter) an exclusive Slip Case/O-Ring that carries Joss Whedon’s signature (these are not individually signed but the signature is part of the artwork). The O-Ring itself will have a mat finish and parts will have spot gloss and embossing so it will look fantastic!

2. If you buy Serenity on DVD at EzyDVD, you will receive (over the counter) an exclusive Tin Case. These have been produced by EzyDVD with artwork that we have provided and that artwork will be slightly different to that above so that it is exclusive.

3. Not a packaging option, but if you buy Serenity on DVD at Sanity, you will receive an exclusive Serenity Mouse Mat for FREE!

Both of the exclusive packaging options and the mouse mat will be limited in numbers. Next week we will be in a position to let you know the exact quantities that will be available and we will also be able to share the final artwork with you.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Serenity DVD Team
Universal Pictures Australia