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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie - Herald-dispatch.com Review

Jamie S. Pearson

Thursday 27 October 2005, by Webmaster

’Serenity’ underappreciated

The movie "Serenity" is currently in the theaters and was greatly underappreciated.

In Huntington, this movie quickly went to the budget theaters in Ashland. The movie was a storyline carried on from the television series "Firefly." "Serenity" has the same ensemble cast from the "Firefly" series.

The special effects are the quality of "Star Wars" or "Star Trek," just not as epic. The dialogue is rich in laughter and continues throughout the film. This movie is reminiscent of a Western/pirate swashbuckler with excitement and no boring moments.

The gender gap is shattered with the main character Nathan Fillion playing Capt. Malcolm Reynolds as a roughish, gunslinger, ships captain as the strong male lead. Actress Summer Glau plays a telepathic traumatized 17-year-old with the fighting moves that would rival any "kung fu" movie.

"Serenity" is worth the ticket price and has plenty of humor, action, suspense and sex appeal. There is a little risqué dialogue and content, but it does not overwhelm the film. It’s a great film for him and her.

I liked "Serenity" so well I’m going to buy the DVD and hope the series is picked up again.