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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie - Live in Atlanta, Charlotte, Memphis, Greenville or Memphis

By Nick Nunziata

Saturday 3 September 2005, by Webmaster

.So, you say you’re a Joss Whedon fan? Why haven’t you caught one of the many not-so-secret paid sneaks for Serenity they’ve uncorked over the past few months?

So, you say you’ve never heard of Joss Whedon but you like science fiction movies with brains? Why haven’t you plopped your deuce down for the DVD set or caught one of the many not-so-secret paid sneaks for Serenity they’ve uncorked over the past few months?

See, that’s moot stuff right there. Whether or not you are in the Whedon fold or not, the chance to see a wisecracking sci-fi western in the typically benign month of September is a coup and we want to make it even more appealing as the ticket is free, saving you the chance to spend that $10 on gas to get home from the theater. The terrorists are SO winning.

For those unaware (my positive review here), Serenity is the feature debut of Joss Whedon as a writer/director after years of creating fanboys and girls with Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, the show this film is a continuation of.

For those unaware, it’s coming in a few weeks.

Want to see it early?

If you live in ATLANTA, CHARLOTTE, MEMPHIS, GREENVILLE, or NASHVILLE, grab an envelope and address it to yourself. Put a fresh stamp on it. FOLD IT (moisture in the delivery has pre-sealed many of the unfolded SASE’s) and pop it into an envelope addressed to CHUD.com at 4915 Camberbridge Dr. Alpharetta, GA 30022. Stamp it. Then do this important thing:

Write the city you are seeing it in and draw a picture of a spaceship.

Then mail that sucker and if you get it here in time and good things happen (they usually do), a pass for two will hurl itself back through the mail to your home. A few tips, as we’ve had about 10 of these get wasted during the process.

Don’t forget to put a self addressed envelope inside. A lot of people put a piece of paper with their address and expect me to do the rest. Some seal the internal envelope. Others forget a stamp. Many disregard my request to lis tyour city and the wrong passes are sent.

Lastly and most importantly...

If you get a pass and go to the theater, be loud. Be positive. Be energetic. And if you like the movie, spread the word. Serenity needs your help.

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