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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie - Nathan Fillion posts on Serenitymovie.com Boards

Friday 5 August 2005, by Webmaster

Posted: 05 Aug 2005 1:59 pm

Post subject: Update from the Captain

There is a fire that burns within the hearts of Browncoats. Cross them at your own peril. This is one thing I’ve learned in the past three weeks. I posted a call to Browncoats to boycott a jerk. The results have been hilarious, I think we can all agree. However, my brother gave me a call, and has concerns about how far it’s gone, and I think he may be right. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros- Comic book guy exposed. Lost some business as a result. Cons- Employees at his store are getting flak they don’t deserve. As a matter of fact, there were a number of employees who were kind and helpful. My pal Mark says he gets great service from the very same guy. Pros- The comic is incredibly popular! All these folks trying to get ahold of it is amazing and bodes well for the movie. Cons- There are two similar stores in Edmonton, Warp 2 and 3, that are not affilliated with Warp 1 for the same reasons I don’t I like ’em. They, too, are losing business. Pros- Happy Harbor is getting extra business. Browncoats are ordering their comics from Canada, just to support them. (Which is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard of.) Cons- I’m starting to feel like a dick. I just wanted to boycott the fella, and now he’s being tortured. Pros- Funny stories of other comic store owners getting into business because they didn’t like that same fella. Trevor from Saturn Comics got banned from Warp 1 at age 14. As I understand it, his offence was asking where the Hulk comics were. Now, with his own store, he banned Darryl.

I think a delicious bowl of hot, steamy justice has been served. What more can one ask than a man’s eyes be opened to his effect on the world around him? I always try to think, though, what would it take for a man to change? Will being attacked make him a kinder man, or simply entrench him deeper? It is my hope, Darryl, that you will henceforth be kinder to the people that come to buy at your store. Make them at home. Make them a welcome guest. Charge what you will, but be honest to folks if they can get the same thing cheaper elsewhere. Then you will be respected. PS- You are not a crap catcher, I said that because I was angry. To you, Browncoats, I give props of the highest order. The support has been more incredible than one could hope for. It is now time we celebrate victory. This battle has left them bloodied and weary. Turn your battle worn selves back around, and go home to your loved ones with your heads held high. I salute you. To the employees of Warp 1, my apologies for any suffering you have endured as a result of my dissatisfaction with your employer. Perhaps you have suffered worst of all. I salute you. To Saturn Comics, who gave my niece a free comic, I salute you. To Wizard Comics, for polite, fun, and friendly service in Millwoods, I salute you. To Warps 2 and 3, my frank and sincere apologies for any collateral damage you may have suffered, AND I salute you. Happy Harbor, you get a nod, wink, and a salute. Salutes to my peeps, and to our fallen comrades (Remember Lux? He would have thought this was hilarious). I think all you Browncoats are amazing. Your wit, and your willingness for action. Job well done. This was no Serenity Valley. This one was a win. Let us be gracious winners, and leave with honor. Ears and noses shall be the trophies of the day. I will be sending flowers to Warp 1 as a sign of peace. Lilies, I think. Now my brother can stress less. Gorammit, this was funny, though, eh?

Now I feel as though we should find a proper cause to harness all this incredible Browncoat support. I don’t know what it is just yet, but it will definitly be more noble than a comicbook, and still funny.

Nathan Fillion

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