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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie Premiere - Fan Report

Tuesday 23 August 2005, by Webmaster

Ok..some more,

Cast turned up on the red carpet looking all shiney - gents quite casual and the laydees all purty.

Then it took forever to get in.

Saw a few people from the boards - bit of a shame I didn’t get more time to socialise but was seeing the film with some less fanatical (though still Browncoat) friends.

Was about 2/3rd of the way through the queue but the 5 of us still did not manage to sit together (and we sat in the last row)- that place was packed with 500 screaming Browncoats. Joss was introduced by Mr Talky and he pulled the cast in pretty damn quick. More fully justified screaming ensued.

Joss and the cast got standing ovations (and this was before we’d seen the film).

The film rolled and another cheer went up as the Universal splash screen went on (I think they’ll like that) and then we were into the good stuff.

I won’t say anything here except that if you have not yet seen it - you sooo need to. THis was my first time.

THere were moments when the whole crowd laughed, and moments when the whole crowd clapped - if you’ve seen the film you know the moments...

The credits ended with the instrumental of the Ballad of Serenity and more clapping took place - I liked the nod but would have preffered the full theme song (I guess it would have been a rights issue).

Joss and the cast were welcomed back with another standing ovation and the Q+A began.

Highlights included questions about several spoilers and impromptu singalongs with Adam and the "Jayne song" and with the whole cast and the Ballad of Serenity (most people forgot the words!! although how I’m not sure).

Joss was asked to dance the dance of joy - but couldn’t because of knee surgery - so Nathan danced by way of proxy and did a damn good job. I think he’d been practising!

The cast revealed their favourite moments from the film - which I won’t go into... but they were variously happy, cool and touching.

Sequels were hinted at - but as we know it depends on the money. I think I’ll kidnap a few people and take them too. We need sequels.

Then, all too soon they were ushered off to stage left and that was that. *sigh*

Like I say - we need more. Say it with me people: Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!