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Firefly - "Serenity" Movie reaches $9M at overseas box office

Wednesday 26 October 2005, by Webmaster

Overseas Total as of Oct. 24, 2005: $9,017,070

Country - Release Date - Total Gross - As Of
Australia - 9/29/05 - $2,200,787 - 10/24/05
France - 10/19/05 - $349,317 - 10/23/05
Portugal - 10/6/05 - $199,191 - 10/24/05
Russia - 10/13/05 - $1,379,643 - 10/23/05
Spain - 10/21/05 - $511,605 - 10/24/05
Switzerland - 10/19/05 - $20,800 - 10/24/05
United Kingdom - 10/7/05 - $4,198,005 - 10/24/05

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  • You know what is genuinely sad? People like you who have this bizarre need to get involved in commenting on things they not only know nothing about, but profess to hate so much that they do so regardless. No one is forcing you to have anything to do with Serenity or Firefly so why waste the time and effort telling people about it. Regardless, it is - as has been said all along - the DVD sales that in the end make or break these things nowadays. In the eyes of the studio if it sells, they get their money. The DVD will undoubtedly sell well given the release date, only remember that the "Browncoats" won’t be the only ones buying it. All these ordinary people who were willing to open their eyes will too. You don’t get it? That’s fine. We don’t need to know that. I find people like you who feel the need to spout hate needlessly far more frightening than the most Trekkie-esque Browncoats out there. At least they act out of passion and love.
  • Why is it sad? Universal have recovered all their costs for producing the film (not counting promotional expenses, etc), and they’re expecting a greater than usual response to the DVD release. I’d say its pretty positive.
  • Its one of the highest grossing american movies in Russia and still going!