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"Firefly & Serenity" Official Artwork #1 - Kaylee - Medium Quality Artwork

Saturday 24 November 2007, by Webmaster

Kaywinnet Lee Frye "Kaylee" is the ever optimistic mechanic of the Firefly class transport "Serenity" from the TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity.

Always smiling and with a kind word for everyone, Kaylee believes in the goodness of people and has a willingness to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Kaylee wears her heart on her sleeve and never hides her feelings from anyone.

She has a fear of danger and guns, perhaps becasue she was shot once and almost died.

She enjoys strawberries and is happier talking about ships and engines than anything else.

Kaylee is often described as a genius mechanic and seems to have a magical gift for keeping the old Firefly in the air.

But not everything goes so smoothly all the time.

Serenity is old and is barely kept together by Kaylee’s skills.

She takes everything about the ship personally and is almost like an extension of the ship itself.

Once when the engine broke down and the ship was adrift in space she seemed to have enourmous feelings of guilt for being unable to repair the engine.

She is also very sensual and has no inhibitions when it comes to sex.

In fact, she got her job on Serenity when Captain Malcolm Reynolds discovered her having a tryst with his mechanic Bester in the engine room when the ship was grounded for repairs.

When Kaylee managed to fix the engine, Reynolds fired Bester and gave her his job.

A continuing plot line throughout the TV show and movie is Kaylee’s obvious atttraction to and maybe even love for Dr. Simon Tam, one of the passengers who ends up becoming a crew member.

Unfortunately Simon is saddled with caring for his mentally scarred sister River and has no time for any romantic complications.

Also he continually puts his foot in his mouth when talking with Kaylee so she gets very angry at him at times.

For example, once Simon insulted Serenity and Kaylee, who loves the old Firefly, took expection to this and was very mad at the doctor.

In the end though, as they seem to be about to die at the hands of the crazed Reavers, Simon finally confesses his true feelings for Kaylee and we see them engaged in some passionate kissing at the end of the movie.

Kaylee is also like a sister to River and is very good friends with Inara Serra, a Companion (professional prostitute).

Captain Reynolds treats her like a little sister and they seem to have a very sibling relationship.

Before she joined the ship little is known about Kaylee and one would guess her age is around 20.

She mentions her parents at one point but it is unknown if she has any brothers or sisters or what planet she comes from.