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Firefly Soundtrack - Your help needed now !

By Aimin’ to misbehave

Thursday 28 July 2005, by Webmaster

Bringing this over from the ’versal board

Okay Browncoats - - here’s the update - -


We need to attack, en masse, and let Fox know that we WANT a Firefly soundtrack. Judging by the response from La La Land Records, they are willing and able; and I’ve just gotten word from Greg Edmonson’s agent - - they, too, are willing and able. It’s up to the folks at Fox.

With the BDMovie less than 2 months away, the original episodes being re-aired on the Sci-Fi channel, and the DVD sets currently selling quite well, it seems like an ideal time for Fox to strike with a Firefly soundtrack...they need to hear us!

Everyone please take a moment and send them a note to the email address above (Do you have multiple email accounts? All the better!!) Keep it short and sweet, just let them know that you’d be very interested in purchasing music from the television series Firefly.

Browncoats are nothing if not determined. We get what we want by making LOTS of noise. So...? Who’s with me? =)