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‘Firefly’ Spin-off ‘Serenity’ Cuts Through The BS In Today’s eBay Prop-Watch

Tuesday 14 July 2009, by Webmaster

This one’s for you, Joss Whedon fans. “Firefly” is the “Buffy” TV series creator’s prematurely cancelled Western-influenced sci-fi show. It was canceled in late 2002 before the full series had even aired. The remaining episodes followed in a special Sci-Fi Channel airing in the summer of 2003. Two years later, fans got a little bit of closure in the form of “Serenity,” a silver screen continuation of the TV series.

That’s the background. The point here is that today’s eBay Prop-Watch item comes from that movie. The auction price isn’t particularly high just yet, with the current bid hovering around $100. However, with six days remaining and six bids already placed, I expect the price to shoot up to lofty heights. Especially since this awesome prop doubles as a lethal weapon!

As you can see in the image above, the item on the virtual auction block is a nasty-looking sword. It is wielded in the film by Chiwetel Ejiofor’s shadowy Operative. He is your classic misguided bad guy, so committed to following orders that he fails to see the injustice surrounding him. An honorable warrior at heart, the Operative’s sword is his primary weapon.

eBay seller mikeyzilla writes that the item came from the “London Prophouse” (probably The Prop Store of London), and was used as a stunt sword on the set. As such, there’s some wear and tear in evidence, which the seller states you can use to “trace a lot of the dings and scratches straight from the screen to the sword.”

It’s also worth noting that mikeyzilla is not a frequent eBay user. He’s got only eight feedback notes attached to his profile and none of them were posted in the past year. That said, the item certainly looks legit as does the certificate of authenticity in the image above. This is still a “buyer beware” sort of thing, so… uhhh… beware.

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