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"Firefly" Tv Series - Mal replica pistol coming from QMx

Monday 1 October 2007, by Webmaster

The Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol is an idealized replica of the sidearm used by Nathan Fillion in the movie Serenity.

Official Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol



$149.95 | AVAILABLE 10.20.07 6 P.M. EDT

Metal powder added to the mold before casting helps realistically simulate weathering; a multistage staining process completes the effect.

Mal pistols undergoing inspection at QMx partner Acme Design. Acme handcrafts each stunt pistol to meticulous standards. More than just a molded hunk of resin, the Stunt Pistol consists of several discrete components that are hand-cast and colored separately before being assembled.

The first 1,500 pistols sold will include this poster of the Barlow’s Guide entry on the Mal pistol’s design and origin.

The Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol is a non-firing, screen-accurate, highly detailed replica of Mal’s most favoritest gun. It’s the only licensed, studio-approved replica available, and is a faithful re-creation of the iconic sidearm from the movie Serenity.

Quantum Mechanix’s mold was taken directly from the stunt pistol carried by Nathan Fillion in his portrayal of Malcolm Reynolds. However, not being satisfied with just reproducing a simple cast of the pistol (the screen-used prop was a solid block of resin), QMx has broken down the pistol into separate steel- and bronze-colored resin parts to ensure perfect color separation and accuracy.

Once cast, the parts are infused with a high-quality metal bronze powder to better simulate weathering. Separate silver components – such as the trigger, trigger guard, hammer and screws – are infused with steel powder and weathered with a black dye wash.

The pistol is then put through a multistage staining process that ages the replica and makes it look like the well-used sidearm it’s supposed to be. Separately cast and stained resin grips are attached with Allen-head metal screws, faithfully re-creating the wood-grain look of the screen-used prop.

The minimal amount of paint used in the creation of the stunt pistol is a chip-resistant polymer that is airbrushed by hand onto each model, making it more durable and less likely to scratch or discolor with use.

The Malcolm Reynolds stunt pistol is cast in professional-grade resin and weighs approximately 1 pound, making it a great holster pistol for cosplay or display. The pistol comes boxed with a Moses Brothers Firearms Certificate of Authenticity with all manufacturer’s specifications outlined and a license issued by the local authorities on Shadow that entitles the holder (there’s a place to enter your name) to carry this sidearm.

As an added bonus, the first 1,500 pistols will also include a rolled 14" x 17" poster with the Barlow’s Guide to Small Arms entry on the Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B (that’s the make of Mal’s pistol).

The Malcolm Reynolds stunt pistol will go on sale October 20, 2007, at 6 p.m. EDT for just $149.95.

$149.95 | AVAILABLE 10.20.07 6 P.M. EDT

Mal Pistol Frequently Asked Questions

Wait! Is this the same Mal pistol you announced last year?

Almost. It is based on the same pattern but has eliminated some detailing, such as metal finishing screws and wood grips, to drive the cost down $100 without compromising either accuracy or overall quality. If you didn’t know those things were ever part of the model you’d never know they were missing!

To read more on why we changed the Mal pistol design, click here.

What if I preordered the original version? What are my options?

Already have an order in for the original Mal pistol design? We’ll be happy to take care of you! Please read our conversion policy for preorder customers by clicking here and let us know which option you choose.

Is it true you’re doing a metal hero version of the Mal pistol?

One reason we changed the design and the price of the original Mal pistol was to make room for a hero version, made from metal and wood with working action (non-firing). We are currently hard at work on the metal Mal and will share more details as they become available.

So, when is the metal Mal going to ship? And how much will it cost?

It is QMx’s policy not to formally announce product details or pricing until we have a firm delivery date for customers. All we can tell you for now is it’s our intention to bring the metal Mal to market as soon as possible, without compromising quality. We can also tell you that, due to the significantly higher cost of materials, the metal Mal will be more expensive than the stunt version.