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"Firefly" Tv Series - Malcolm & Kaylee Shindig costumes made from duct tape

Sunday 15 June 2008, by Webmaster

Duct Tape Browncoat

As a Browncoat duct tape enthusiast with a competitive streak and need for scholarship money, I decided to enter the “Stuck at Prom” contest sponsored by the company that makes Duck Tape. In this contest, high school students from all over the country create prom outfits using duct tape. Ten finalists are selected from all of the entries, and online voting determines the winner. To demonstrate my devotion to Firefly, I created my duct tape ensemble inspired by Mal’s tux and Kaylee’s dress from Shindig. These outfits made it into the top ten.

I used over 20 rolls of duct tape, and had to overcome laws of physics (all those ruffles are heavy!) as well as wear the outfit in Phoenix summer temperatures exceeding 107 degrees.

Here is where I am looking for the support of my fellow Browncoats. The winner of the contest is determined by online voting. Simply, the prom outfit with the most votes wins. If you would like to show the world that Firefly rules, here is one more way you can do it: go to http://www.stuckatprom.com/contests/prom/entries_finalist.asp. You will probably recognize Kaylee’s dress and Mal’s tux in my photo, number 4239. You may cast one vote per day from now until June 29th, so vote early and vote often! Pass the word to others and let’s see if we can show that Firefly has real “sticking” power!

Click on the link :