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"Firefly" Tv Series in the list of the 20 Greatest shows prematurely axed by FOX

Friday 14 August 2009, by Webmaster

1) Firefly

Episodes Aired Before Fox Canceled It: 11 (3 unaired)

It’s hard not to think about Firefly and openly weep. Buffy creator Joss Whedon somehow managed to blend elements of Westerns and Space Operas to create a show that worked extremely well and sparkled with originality, attitude and humor. Unlike in most of Star Trek, the humanity of the future is shown to not have changed much, still fighting each other and struggling to survive in new frontiers. The casting for the crew of the Serenity was perfect, with Nathan Fillion’s Malcolm Reynolds leading a crew of smugglers (and others) whose personalities bounced well off one another. The greatness of the 14 episodes produced is so obvious that it’s almost hard to watch them now knowing what potential was cut short by Fox’s typical short-sightedness. DVD sales were strong enough to warrant a theatrical movie, but otherwise Firefly is pretty much dead. And that is a travesty. Fox has a history of fucking us over, but this time they went above and beyond.


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