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"Firefly" Tv Series in Rockymountainnews.com list of the lists

Sunday 1 July 2007, by Webmaster

4 great TV series that lasted just 1 season

1. My So-Called Life (1994): Claire Danes portrays teenage angst perfectly. And two words: Jordan Catalano.

2. Firefly (2002): The show won a slew of awards, including an Emmy, but was still yanked. At least fans got some closure with the movie Serenity.

3. Freaks and Geeks (1999): The critics’ darling was dropped before future stars like Linda Cardellini, James Franco and Seth Rogen moved on to their own starring roles, not to mention creator Judd Apatow.

4. Fastlane (2002): The stylized cop show starring Bill Bellamy, Peter Facinelli and Tiffani Thiessen was canceled because of high production costs.