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"Firefly" Tv Series listed in Space Western Holiday Specials

Monday 17 December 2007, by Webmaster

Firefly: The R. Tam Season (2004)

This holiday special was produced following Joss Whedon’s vow to continue the series Firefly in any way, shape, or form. It’s the infamous second screen‑play of Firefly written by Jane Espenson, who continues to deny its existence. The concept behind the episode was a peek inside the mind of River Tam. It features several ballet dance numbers performed by Summer Glau supported by other Firefly cast members.

In the story, River receives a present from an Uncle who magically is able to find her location and send her the gift. In a moment of jealousy and paranoia Jayne accidentally breaks it. That night Serenity is overtaken by crew of Reavers who are eventually fought off by Malcolm Reynolds (while wearing a shiny hat). The remaining portion of the special takes place on what appears to be an early vaudevillian stage, with shadowy figures (alliance officers and scientists) in the audience watching River as she and the crew of the Serenity dance for them. Malcolm eventually duels with the Captain of the Reavers and drives them off. This is followed by a “trippy” animation sequence. At the end of the program River wakes up, leaving us not quite sure how much of what just happened was real or a dream.

This episode is notable for featuring the return of Jubal Early during the “trippy” animation sequence. It also featured Jewel Staite as the Suger Plum Fairy, Nathan Fillion as the Prince, and Michael Fairman as the Captain of the Reavers. The episode was cancelled by FOX before it was aired.

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