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Firefly game licensers hope to get input from Joss Whedon and cast

Ben Fritz

Monday 11 December 2006, by Webmaster

’Firefly’ sparks multiplayer game

Canceled sci-fi show returns as videogame

’Firefly’ returns as a vidgame.

It may have been canceled in 2002, but "Firefly" lives on.

Four years after an 11-episode run on Fox and a year after a feature adaptation grossed a modest $25 million, "Firefly" has been licensed by 20th Century Fox TV to vidgame technology developer Multiverse, which will turn the property into a multiplayer online game.

Company is building technology that lets developers build a variety of different online worlds that interconnect through one portal. It’s hoping that "Firefly," which has a devout cult aud that crosses over heavily with gamers, will not only be successful on its own but draw attention to other properties using the same technology.

"Having a well-known property like ’Firefly’ will make our network more attractive to fans as well as developers we want to work with," said Multiverse co-founder and exec producer Corey Bridges.

Multiverse will hire a developer to make the game. It hopes to get input from series creator Joss Whedon as well as likeness rights and voice work from some of the actors who were in the show.

Multiverse was introduced to Fox execs by its board members James Cameron and Jon Landau.

Game is expected to launch in 2008.

Numerous massively multiplayer games based on Hollywood properties are out or in the works, hoping to see just some of the success of "World of Warcraft." LucasArts already has "Star Wars Galaxies," and Warner Bros. has "The Matrix Online," although it didn’t do particularly well. Games based on "The Lord of the Rings," DC and Marvel superheroes and "Star Trek" are in development.