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Firefly in the 14 sci-fi gangsters you don’t want to cross

Wednesday 31 August 2011, by Webmaster



From: Firefly

Portrayed by: Mark Shepherd

"And you’re what? Petty thief with delusions of standing? Sad, little king of a sad, little hill." Hailing from the Titan Colony, Badger made a name for himself as a local boss on the world of Persephone. If it’s being transported, Badger wants a part, and a cut, and he’s dealt with everything from illegal salvage, black market cattle herds and quite a bit more. It’s best to stay on his good side: it’s suspected that he plays both sides of the game when it suits him.


Adelei Niska

From: Firefly

Portrayed by: Michael Fairman

What is gossip? People talking: Niska has a reputation for his brutal and violent means for keeping people in line. Aboard his own space station, he has a small army of criminals at his disposal, ranging from enforcement to pharmaceutical theft, subcontracting at times, paying very well up front. However, he’s eager to turn his reputation from talk into fact, showing off his wife’s nephew to Serenity’s crew to keep them in line. He’s also not content with killing someone once: he’s willing to keep them going for days before he’s satisfied.


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