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Firefly in the TV gripes you should quit complaining about

Tuesday 5 February 2013, by Webmaster

“Firefly was awesome and Fox cancelled it!”

Of all the axed shows in the history of TV, this decade-old title provokes the most outrage. Firefly was wonderful. And its cancellation was tragic because creatively it felt like the show was just getting started. But its ratings really were terrible, particularly for 2002. I did some digging and get this: During Firefly‘s season, The WB’s long-forgotten super-hero show Birds of Prey likewise only survived a few months before getting axed and its adult demo average was actually higher than Firefly’s (which averaged 4.4 million viewers and a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating). That would be like Fox launching a splashy new sci-fi show today that performs worse than The CW’s Ringer. I know, Fox should not have aired Firefly‘s second episode first, but it was hardly a killing move — you probably didn’t see the pilot first, either. As a pricy drama, Firefly would have a tough time surviving with these numbers even with today’s lower standards (which is really saying something in a year where Ben & Kate got a full season). If you still really want Firefly back, I’ll give you a first step toward making it happen: Convince everybody to stop watching Castle.

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