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Firefly panel at the FX Show Convention on January 27, 2007 - Fan Report

Matthew Simantov

Monday 29 January 2007, by Webmaster

I returned to the FX Show on Saturday with a buddy of mine, to see what things were like once this party really got started. I got a good fill of geek-dom on Friday, but now I was in for a treat as it seems Friday was more of a warm up day for the self proclaimed ’Coolest show on earth.’

Larger crowds, more vendors, costumes and celebrities made Saturday’s visit to the FX Show a true experience.

Fxsat1 Luckily, I arrived just in time for a Firefly panel featuring, left to right, Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin and Christina Hendricks. Any self respecting geek (and even some self loathing geeks) should be a fan of the short lived, absolutely amazing television show. If the candle that shines twice as bright burns half as long, then Firefly shined roughly 7 times as bright as the surface of the sun.

Questions asked to the panel were evenly split between topics related to Firefly/Serenity and the completely random. The first question asked "If you were a breakfast cereal, what breakfast cereal would you be?" set the tone for the very enjoyable Q&A session. Adam Baldwin’s personality emerged as the dominant voice in the panel, and he did a fine job indeed of keeping up the pacing. Baldwin, who played the comical tough-guy Jayne in Firefly, was teased throughout the discussion after admitting that he liked his cereal soggy.

There was a sense of mutual gratitude as all three actors were very receptive to their adoring fans. Ron Glass, who played the mysterious character Book, said it best when the panel was asked how they react to their sometimes over-the-top fans. "We wish there were more of you." Glass also shared his techno-phobia with the audience, proudly discussing that, as of this month, he was now a cell phone user.

Unfortunately (for us), Christina Hendricks appeared in only two episodes of Firefly, as the very memorable Saffron. When the panel was asked what they would have changed about Serenity had they been in charge of production, Hendricks replied, to applause, that she would have "been in it." She wasn’t intimidated by the room full of geeks from all walks of life, describing her childhood playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons with her brothers.