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Firefly’s Serenity - New Behind The Scene Photos & Report

By Adam Baldwin

Wednesday 7 July 2004, by Webmaster

Here are a couple of photos courtesy of Adam Baldwin.

July 6, 2004 - I feel like a big fat blog

"Note to self. Find out who this Dusty Bottoms is and destroy him, have him eaten and then kill him!"

— Joss Whedon

Good Blog to you,

It appears that in just the few short weeks of my clandestine activities I’ve made some powerful enemies. First off, an apology by way of omission of error. The Chappy sighting was not exactly correct. Don’t ask me, but somehow I accidentally mixed up Louis Gossett Jr. with Barbara Streisand, what can I say. We’ve all done it. But I can assure you this time I’m 100% right, Babs is in the hizz-ouse! Now, I know what you’re thinking. Who are the geniuses responsible for this little piece of casting brilliance? I thought the same thing. But what I didn’t take into account is the ’Whedon factor’. Joss is the master at blending genres. If you don’t think that Barbara Streisand bludgeoning Mal with a compressor coil, stepping over his bloody corpse and bursting into "You don’t bring me flowers," all within the first ten minutes of the movie, will be believable AND further the plot, urine for a treat.

Now, besides the costs involved in assassinating Kathy Griffin, I don’t know much. But I do know you’re here for an update. So hold on to your bags and boards, ’cause here’s the skinny. Chiwetel Ejiofor started work last week in the role of The Operative, the movie’s antagonist. I got to watch his first scene, he nailed every take and the crew was blown away. The man’s an acting machine. I tell you this, Chiwetel’s gonna change how we think about getting’ hit in the face with a pie.

The Cast and Crew have finished their location work and now call Universal Studios home. The production occupies four huge sound stages on the lot; three of which are in constant flux with various Sci Fi sets being raised, shot, and broken down. The fourth stage is exclusively home to... you guessed it, Serenity. The rebuilt Firefly class cargo ship is gorgeous. The same, yet different. Everything you loved about the original remains, yet with more detail, richer textures and colors. Walking through the new ship has proven cathartic for many of the cast and crew returning from the series. It took a year, but Joss got his ship back.

This is Dusty Bottoms saying, "Beat it, geek."

Firefly’s Serenity - New Behind The Scene Photos & Report - Gallery

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