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Firefly schedule released

Saturday 28 June 2003, by Webmaster

Fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly will be interested to hear that the Sci Fi Channel has announced details of its schedule for the rest of the series.

There has been some debate over the correct running order of the series, caused by the fact that some episodes have not yet been shown anywhere in the world.

Fortunately creator Joss Whedon has contacted the channel with the correct order. Apparently, he has taken a keen interest in how the show is performing on Sci Fi. No doubt a successful run on Sci Fi would greatly improve his chances of getting a film off the ground.

Here is the correct running order.

Monday 23rd June at 9pm Ep 8 - Jaynestown (UK TV Premiere)
Monday 30th June at 9pm Ep 9 - Out Of Gas (UK TV Premiere)
Monday 7th July at 9pm Ep 10 - Ariel (UK TV Premiere)
Monday 14th July at 9pm Ep 11 - War Stories (UK TV Premiere)
Monday 21st July at 9pm Ep 12 - Trash (World TV Premiere)
Monday 28th July at 9pm Ep 13 - The Message (World TV Premiere)
Monday 4th Aug at 9pm Ep 14 - Heart Of Gold (World TV Premiere)
Monday 11th Aug at 9pm Ep 15 - Objects Of Space (UK TV Premiere - Series Finale)