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Firefly, the second coming ?

Clint Morris

Saturday 28 January 2006, by Webmaster

There has been a lot of talk the last couple of days about Fireflyseason2.com Project.

What is it? It’s a site championing for the second series of a show that no longer exists. Why’s it there? A company wants to resurrect said series and put it back on the tube.

Anyone else keen for a “Firefly”, Season 2?

Ace Underhill, from the independent production company trying to make it happen , dropped by the serenitymovie.org forums today to answer a few questions on what his plan actually is.

“In the last 4 hours I’ve been asked about 759 times; "so what the heck are you trying to do?". Well, our mission is straightforward, but difficult: We intend to license the Firefly Intellectual Property from Fox, produce the show on our dime, and sell to the highest bidder”, he explains.

Will Joss Whedon be involved? “The ’Verse without it’s creator? Please, let’s not be absurd. But Joss is very busy at the moment. We are taking care of all the mundane tasks and legwork that is required to untangle the legal issues to save Joss from any undue headaches. After all, it’s really tough to be creative when you’re surrounded by expensive lawyers.

“I have contacted Joss’ management. I have not received a reply from Joss personally yet, but now is not the time for him to be bothered with this. The obstacle lies with Fox, not with Joss. Once the rights are cleared, everything will fall into place. If Joss declines to be involved once the rights are secured, I will abandon the project.

He later adds, “I do not know if Joss approves or not. I do know, from his interviews and discussing with those involved in BDS and BDM, that he has not forgotten his baby. I’m sure with all the posting going on and my inquiry to his agent’s office that he is not entirely in the dark. Perhaps he is too busy right now, or maybe he is waiting to see if I manage to make something happen. And yes, even if after spending X amount of capital and time securing the rights if Joss wants no part, then I will drop it. What’s the point if he’s got no input for his own creation? “.

Seems Underhill has also been in contact with many of the show’s cast and crew too. “We are in contact with many of the original cast and crew, but that’s all that I’m allowed to say at this time. Official notices will be posted on the site as they are cleared”.

Now before everyone gets ’too excited’, you may recall....A couple of years ago, another independent production company tried to resurrect another short-lived but popular TV series, "American Gothic". For a couple of years, they talked to those involved in the original show and essentially got everyones blessing, but when it came time to talk to the studio about whether or not it’s do-able - they were flat turned-down. Universal wasn’t interested.

Thanks to ‘Mike’