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Fox Entertainment take action over unofficial Firefly MMO

Tuesday 21 August 2012, by Webmaster

Why is the Firefly Universe Online banner replaced with a question mark? At the behest of Fox Entertainment Group, we have mutually agreed it best to remove both the banner and video depicting the Firefly Universe Online project in its current form during this window of license negotiation.

Does not Multiverse still own the rights to a Firefly MMORPG title?

No, http://multiverse.net. The rights have been reverted back to 20th Century Fox.

Have you received permission from 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy Inc to make the FUO title?

We are currently in negotiations with Fox New Media, however at this time, Firefly Universe Online is not affiliated with 20th Century Fox or Mutant Enemy Inc. All website and FUO game content are the property of DarkCryo Entertainment and its Creators, the Firefly brand itself remains the trademark of Fox Entertainment Group and Mutant Enemy Inc.

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