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Gary Numan (synth pop king) on Firefly : "It’s brilliant"

Tuesday 7 March 2006, by isa

Did you watch any sci-fi on TV last night ? (Kerry Malenkova, Canada)

GN: "I didn’t watch anything because I was working but we use Sky Plus so we can record and watch in our own time. Last night we recorded ’Battlestar Galactica’ and ’Prison Break’. I’m not a very big sci-fi fan, to be honest, and haven’t been for twenty years or more. I do like ’Battlestar Galactica’, though. My favourite ever sci-fi series was ’Firefly’ but they only did one series and it got cancelled. It’s brilliant; that new film ’Serenity’ comes from it. One of my biggest albums [’Replicas] was loosely based on sci-fi but that was about 27 years ago. People associating me with sci-fi has gone on longer than I expected. Assumptions become accepted as fact, like people think I’m miserable... well, if they think of me at all (laughs)."