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Gina Torres - About Firefly Comic Con Reunion 2012 - Hollywood.com Interview

Wednesday 29 August 2012, by Webmaster

"It hurt my heart not to be there at Comic-Con."

While there was plenty of insight into the creation of Joss Whedon’s short-lived, but highly-praised sci-fi series San Diego Comic-Con’s Firefly 10th Anniversary Reunion, but the panel was mostly a waterworks. A good waterworks. On hand for the cryfest were Whedon, producer Tim Minear, and stars Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Sean Maher, and Summer Glau — all ready to soak up the fan’s love for the series while paying their respects to the dedicated Browncoats who helped turn Firefly to a true cult classic.

While there were a few glaring omission in the line-up, one in particular stood out: the right hand lady to Captain Mal (Fillion) and Wash’s (Tudyk) romantic interest: Zoe, played by actress Gina Torres. Speaking to Hollywood.com about her latest small screen endeavor, USA’s Suits, Torres found herself all chocked up when the topic of Firefly and the SDCC panel came up. "I was working. I really, really wish I had been there," says the actress, who in very little time, between the show’s limited run and miraculous big screen venture (Serenity), established Zoe as one of television’s greatest female a**kickers of all time. "I picked up this week’s Us Weekly and there’s a picture of the Firefly reunion and I just about burst into tears. I love those guys. I had such a wonderful time I feel so blessed to have had the time that I did with each and every one of those actors. I love them, and I will love them to the day I die. So any time that I get to spend with them, I look forward to it."

Torres is anxious to reunite with her Firefly cast and feel the same emotional energy that resonated through Comic-Con’s Ballroom 20, going so far as to suggest that fans (and the cast) should return for a 12th, 15th, and even 20th anniversary. "Or who knows, maybe we’ll crank out another movie before then. That would be great."