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Gina Torres Appreciates The Whole "Firefly" Experience

By Alan Stanley Blair

Thursday 18 August 2005, by Webmaster

Like many of the stunningly original television series these days, "Firefly" was yanked from the screens long before its time. But thanks to the determined efforts of fans from around the world, the crew of the Firefly-class ship Serenity have another chance to catch the ultimate job.

Among this crew is ex-soldier ZoŽ Washburn, otherwise known as Gina Torres — an actress with whom fans of a variety of sci-fi shows will no doubt be familiar.

"’Serenity’ is a continuation of where we left off. It’s a continuation of the ’Firefly’ stories," Torres said of the film, which is set to hit the screens in September.

Since the film is set to continue the misadventures of the television series, the entire cast of the series will be making a return — but the question is "how many will survive?"

"All of the characters that you came to know and love are all present and are who they are," she said. "Circumstances determine certain reactions that we have. Circumstances that are particular to the storyline and so, stakes are very high and therefore we have to react in an appropriate manner."

Torres, who has worked with Whedon on the cancelled vampire series "Angel," has had nothing but praise for the director and has developed a new appreciation for not only his talents, but also for the rest of "Serenity’s" crew, particularly veteran Ron Glass who fans will known as the enigmatic Sheppard who watches over the crew.

"He’s one of our gifts that unfortunately I feel I don’t get to see enough of him or his work and what he’s capable of," she said of the actor.

Torres was also quick to confirm that she has agreed to a second movie, should "Serenity" prove to be the success that everyone hopes it will be.

"Serenity," which was previously scheduled to be seen in theaters in April, is now slated for release on September 30 and has thus far received a lot of acclamation from critics worldwide.