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Good News For Angel Fans : Resurrection Of Illyria

Friday 23 September 2005, by Webmaster

And Good News for Angel Fans!

Amy said Joss Whedon has spoken with her about resurrecting her role as Illyria. "He has mentioned it a couple of times," she told me. "I mean, the last time, I talked to him a couple weeks ago and said that I had heard that Tim Minear was gonna write and direct the Spike movie, the Spike-Illyria movie, so he said that they want to do that still. I think he’s just overwhelmed a bit right now with the press for Serenity and everything!" She said she and Joss have stayed close, and he gave "the best gift ever" to her eight-month-old bundle of joy, Jack: "He had a woman come in and teach him how to sleep through the night." Always a miracle worker, that Joss.

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