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Goodbye Vincent, Hello James. Mercedes

Tuesday 10 June 2003, by Webmaster

The actor who plays Connor in Angel will not bereturning for the fifth season of Angel. The actor will guest star in one episode at the start of the season. The producers decided not to pick up the actor’s contract for another season, as the character didn’t have a place to fit into the new story arc. Vincent is the second actor to leave the show, as producers also dropped Charisma Carpenter from the cast. It is widely believed these two actors have been dropped to make way for the two additions to Angel’s cast next season. James Marsters is to join the cast of Angel next season, after signing a one season, 22 episode contract, however it remains to see how his character will be introduced into Angel following the events of the Buffy finale. Also returning to Angel next season, is ex-buffy star Mercedes McNab, who is reprising her role as Harmony in a multi-episode deal, possibly to be added as a regular. Producers are apparently bringing her back to fill the void left by Cordy’s departure. Former Angel guest stars Stephanie Romanov and Christian Kane are also negotiating to return.