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Halle Berry signs with Talent Agency ICM (sarah michelle gellar mention)

Friday 17 March 2006, by Webmaster

Actress finally seeks representation after leaving WMA last year.

*After operating nearly a year without an agent, Halle Berry has signed with International Creative Management (ICM) for professional representation, reports Daily Variety.

The actress left the William Morris Agency (WMA) last year after the president of the company, Dave Wirtschafter, blurted her personal information to New Yorker magazine in a March 2005 interview.

In addition to bad-mouthing other clients in the article, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Wirtschafter disclosed details of Berry’s private negotiating tactics on films, stating in the interview: "She will be treated as an investor in the film for the difference, and for every dollar she invests she would get $1.50 out of the gross until she recoups 150 percent of her investment." Wirtschafter added that Berry would be willing to "give up a little money to get a good director or costar."

Berry, who won the 2002 best actress Oscar for “Monster’s Ball,” continues to be represented by her longtime manager, Vincent Cirrincione.