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Kristy Swanson

Is "Skating With Celebrities" Winner Kristy Swanson Pregnant ?

Karen Diaz

Friday 17 March 2006, by Webmaster

Is Kristy Swanson showing a baby bump? The former Playboy cover girl was once best known for her role as the original Buffy in the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Is Kristy Preggers?

Now she may be best known for her ’Skating With Celebrities’ affair and many believe she is the reason that two-time Olympic medal winner and Reality TV partner Lloyd Eisler and his then-pregnant wife split up.

Now Star Magazine will ask in this week’s issue - is Kristy Swanson Pregnant?


The weekly gives this account:

Kristy Swanson, 36, and Canadian skating champion Lloyd Eisler, 42 became the winning pair on TV’s Skating with Celebrities, Eislers then- pregnant wife Marcie was stunned to learn the two had also became a pair off of the ice. Now rumors are flying Kristy may be pregnant, too!

A source says, "She was wearing a tight black dress, and everyone thought she was pregnant."


Whoa - this would be a shock if true. At last report - Marcia Eisler, the wife of Lloyd - is raising the couple’s two boys alone — one is 22 months old and the other only twelve weeks old.

If Kristy is preggers - he will have three kids under three years old when she delivers.

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  • Kristy Swanson has no talent and is a whore. Lets hope this disgusting human isn’t procreating-the world has enough problems to deal with.I work with children and at age 4 I can tell which children come from dysfunctional families. There is no need to add another!

    Renee Smith