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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Harry The Vampire Slayer - Potter Gang In Charge

Monday 19 April 2004, by Webmaster

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Will you find who’s who ?

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  • Harry(xander) is now the slayer, Ron the red head (willow), Hermiony (Buffy) cuz she’s blond. Malafoy (spike), Snape (Giles)
  • > Harry The Vampire Slayer - Potter Gang In Charge

    20 April 2004 03:54, by sueworld2003

    This is really nice work. I agree with the above comment, although I think Ron is meant to be Oz, and Snape is acting as Giles.

    Wonderful stuff!

  • Well, harry may be meant to be buffy, but in my opinion? Hes really looking like connor with glasses. Am i wrong? BTW, Malfoy? Very Spikalicious.
  • Wow! Great pick! I was kicking around the idea of a "Harry Potter characters in the Buffy universe" fic idea, but I couldn’t figure out which adult to use as Giles - now you’ve solved it for me! :)

    You can’t see it because they’re on "our side" of the picture, but Harry and Co. are squareing off against Lucius as Ethen Rayn, Narsissa as Darla, Voldimort as the Master, and Belatrix as Drusilla (or possibily as Evil!Faith) with the death eaters as misc. demony minions.

    Not currently on scene are Remus as Oz (who, because it’s the full moon, has locked himself in the library book cage), and Sirius as Angle with Kingsly as Gun who are tearing down the highway to the rescue, leaving Cho as Cordelia suffering from a killer headach back at the Hyperion in the care of Luna as Fred.